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Sunday, January 12, 2014

William Lufsky Jr_Charisse Hickerson Kruitti-RN _16021 hwy65

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    Cheris Hickerson, 16021 Highway 65 – Consideration of a building permit ... First reading of an ordinance pertaining to excavation in the City of Ham Lake ... - Similar pages

    Lufsky US Supreme Court

    Advocate Sharon was victimized by the corrupt courts (10)
    years ago.
    Pic 1 is Willy, 2 Sharon, Mother Alene 3 & 4
    Willy and Sharon at Brainard 10 yrs ago 5 Sharon
    6 Willy and decedant JC Crandall.

    Lufsky has cost the taxpayers over 2 million dollars for the past 20 years, currently at St. Peter State Hospital, illegally held, techinally now institutionalized.

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    1. who's significant other Charisse Hickerson. Kruitti is an RN in the Pscy unit of Mercy Hosp. while the Father of her.


    1. State hospital nurse charged in 1997 death - Brainerd Dispatch

    1. Feb 11, 2000 - One of the nurses on duty, Charisse Hickerson, called the anesthesiologist at the oral surgeon's office and asked whether the patient could ...
    2. State hospital nurse charged in 1997 death

      Posted: Friday, February 11, 2000

      Charges have been filed against a nurse at the Brainerd Regional Human Services Center stemming from the 1997 death of a resident there.
      Mary Jo Anderson of Brainerd has been charged with one count of mistreatment of residents or patients, and one count of criminal neglect. Both charges are gross misdemeanors and carry a maximum penalty of one year in jail or a $3,000 fine, or both.
      In 1997, a 39-year-old patient in Anderson's care died of a massive infection caused by an abscessed tooth. The complaint, filed with Crow Wing County District Court, states Anderson knew about the tooth but did not schedule an appointment to have it removed.
      The complaint cited an investigative report by the Minnesota Department of Health, which stated that in 1997 Anderson, a registered nurse, was in charge of the day shift and was also the nursing coordinator at the Minnesota Neuro Rehabilitation Hospital, located at the Brainerd Regional Human Services Center.
      The complaint cited Minnesota Neuro Rehabilitation records, which stated the victim, whose name was not provided in the complaint to protect his privacy, suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, an anxiety and seizure disorder, dementia, personality changes and psychotic features, and a traumatic brain injury.
      Because of these conditions, the complaint states, the patient had a history of behavioral problems, including being noncompliant with rules and treatment, making threats of litigation and destroying property during periods of anxiety and when he exhibited symptoms of paranoia.
      The patient, who was under the care of Anderson, complained of "sore teeth" on Nov. 4, 1996, and on Nov. 5, 1996, asked to be taken to an oral surgeon to have an abscessed tooth removed.
      An appointment was made for the patient to have oral surgery on Dec. 11, 1996, and he was instructed to take nothing by mouth after midnight the day before his visit to the oral surgeon. The appointment was canceled because the patient told hospital staff members he had a drink of water.
      The appointment was rescheduled for Jan. 6, 1997, and the patient was once again instructed not to take anything by mouth after midnight on Jan. 5, 1997.
      The morning of the appointment with the oral surgeon, the patient, who had been a heavy smoker for 21 years, told staff members at the Minnesota Neuro Rehabilitation Hospital he wanted a cigarette. One of the nurses on duty, Charisse Hickerson, called the anesthesiologist at the oral surgeon's office and asked whether the patient could have a "couple of puffs" of a cigarette. The anesthesiologist said it would be all right and the patient was allowed to take a couple of puffs from a cigarette.
      Shortly thereafter, the complaint states, Anderson arrived on duty at the hospital and became upset at the patient for smoking. Another staff nurse, Jody Vasferet, is cited in the complaint as saying Anderson shook her finger at him, and in a loud and angry voice told the patient his appointment had been canceled and would not be rescheduled.
      Hickerson then called and canceled the patient's appointment with the oral surgeon, and told Anderson she would need to set up another appointment for the patient. The complaint then cited Hickerson as saying Anderson "freaked out" and said to her, "I'm not going to reschedule. I'm not going to play games."
      Anderson wrote, in part, the following entry into the patient's progress notes for that same day: "I then asked if he wanted his appt canceled. 'Yes because I want a cigarette.' I said that as this had happened before, we would not reschedule."
      The patient's progress reports show he again complained of tooth pain on Jan. 8, 9 and 11, 1997. On Jan. 10, 1997, the patient told the staff dentist he wanted to go to the oral surgeon. On Feb. 1 and 3, 1997, the patient complained of terrible tooth pain.
      Throughout this period the patient asked to be taken to the doctor to have his tooth removed, but the complaint states Anderson did not reschedule despite the patient's complaints and the knowledge of his abscessed tooth.
      The complaint states that on Feb. 27, 1997, the patient experienced swelling in his mouth and face and was taken to the emergency room for emergency surgery to remove the abscessed tooth.
      The complaint, citing medical records including an autopsy report, stated the patient died Feb. 28, 1997, from a massive infection caused by the abscessed tooth.
      The Rule 5 hearing, where statements were read to Anderson and charges were brought against her, was held Dec. 30, 1999. The Rule 8 hearing, in which Anderson may enter a guilty or not guilty plea, was scheduled for Jan. 31, but has been continued to March 13.
      Anderson no longer works at the Minnesota Neuro Rehabilitation Hospital. She now works in the Timberland Adult Mental Health program at the Brainerd Regional Human Services Center.
      William O'Hara, lawyer for Anderson, declined to comment.
      Crow Wing County attorney Don Ryan, whose office is handling the case, could comment no further than on the details of the complaint.
      "We try our cases in the court, not in the press," Ryan said.
      Mike Engler, customer relations director for the Brainerd Regional Human Services Center, said the center hadn't been informed as of Thursday of any formal charges filed relating to Anderson, and he felt it may be some time before the center does hear anything since any litigation goes through the hospital's representative in the Minnesota attorney general's office.

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