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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Judges Smith_Gearin_Metzen re:SCAPJohn Ryberg SexPredator_Release_NoWay

  • Saint Paul, MN

    east sider
    28 min ago
    Why is any time at all wasted considering giving a guy like this freedom? I guarantee that once he gets out his impulses won't be so "managed". Did they ever catch that level 3 sex offender who walked away from a halfway house a couple weeks ago? This system set up by liberals is really messed up.

    Minneapolis, MN

    wasted tax dollars

    Saint Paul, MN


    Saint Paul, MN


    Saint Paul, MN

    1 min ago
    This CASE "must" open the Qualification, Judicial Canons of the 3 Female Judges ie: Joanne Smith admitted Lesbian re: Murphy who is dying_Judge Kathleen Gearin whose Heinous Repugnant "takings" from Affiant and Decedants their Homestead at 1058 Summit Ave without Quiet Titles triggering DEATH,DISABILITYS,DISPARAGMENT OF TITLES then Retired Judge Leslie Metzen re: her SANCTIONS re: These "Judges" who have exploited the System for their pecuniary gain v. Taxpayers is Bizzare. HOPEFULLY these 600 Sex Predators now INSTITUTIONALIZED INCLUDING RYBERG, cannot be released.

    Affiant's Mission is to Abolish the SCAP Panel, have Jury Trials and to Charge these Judges with Criminal RICO indictments.

    WHAT GOES AROUND IS NOW COMING AROUND. From the Graves of Tenants in Common and Sharons 2nd Husband Sharons Candidacy for State AG working with must protect the Public not only from the Sex Predators "but for" the Judicial Repugnant Conflicts
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